Karnataka Introduces New Examination System for SSLC and II PU Students

“Under the recently implemented system, students have the option to keep the highest score attained among the three examinations.”

"Karnataka's New Examination System: Three Annual Exams"
“Karnataka’s New Examination System: Three Annual Exams”

The Department of School Education and Literacy in Karnataka has unveiled a revamped examination system for SSC and II PU students. This innovative approach now encompasses three ‘annual exams,’ affording students the option to select their highest score should they wish to retake a subject. Minister Madhu Bangarappa announced this development during the Teacher’s Day celebration at Vidhan Soudha.

Until now, students were obligated to undertake one annual examination and one supplementary examination. In the event of dissatisfaction with their II PUC subject grades, students had the opportunity to reattempt the examination. However, the results of the supplementary examination were considered final.

Key Changes:

Under the new system, students are empowered to retain the highest score achieved from any of the three examinations. The previous supplementary exams will be replaced by Annual exams 1, 2, and 3. The Board will issue comprehensive guidelines for the revised system through a circular, ensuring uniformity in question paper content and difficulty levels across these three examinations.

Additionally, students entering the next academic course late, whether in I PUC or degree colleges, will be provided with a ‘bridge course’ to compensate for missed classes in the initial month.

A tentative exam schedule has been unveiled, with II PU exam 1 slated from March 1 to March 25, with results to be announced on April 22. Exam 2 is scheduled from May 15 to June 5, and Exam 3 will occur from July 12 to July 30.

For SSLC students, the first exam is set for March 3 to April 15, the second from June 12 to July 19, and the third from July 29 to August 5.