“Author Yashica Dutt Criticizes ‘Made In Heaven 2’ Producers for Failing to Acknowledge Her Contribution to Radhika Apte’s Episode”

“Controversy Arises for Made In Heaven Season 2 as Utilization of Yashica Dutt’s Content in the Web Series Raises Consent Issues. Learn More About the Situation.”

Key Points:

  • Author Yashica Dutt Criticizes Made In Heaven Season 2 for Unauthorized Use of Her Work, Lacking Proper Attribution
  • Yashica Dutt’s Content Employed in Radhika Apte’s Episode “The Heart Skipped a Beat”
  • Made In Heaven Season 2 Debuted on August 10th, Available on Prime Video

Author Yashica Dutt has recently stepped forward to assert her credit from the creators of Made In Heaven Season 2, alleging that her work was employed without consent. Dutt took to social media to reveal that the web-series makers utilized her real-life experiences as the foundation for Radhika Apte’s character in the show.

The newly released season of Made In Heaven has garnered attention for its stellar cast and compelling narrative. Particularly, the fifth episode titled “The Heart Skipped a Beat,” featuring Radhika Apte, has drawn praise for its portrayal of a Dalit wedding. Even Prakash Ambedkar, the grandson of B.R. Ambedkar, lauded the concept and execution on X (formerly known as Twitter).

However, amidst this acclaim, the show has faced criticism from Yashica Dutt, a Columbia University alum and author of the book ‘Coming Out As Dalit.’ Dutt expressed her displeasure on both X and Instagram, stating that her intellectual property was employed without her consent and proper acknowledgment. She noted that Radhika Apte’s character closely mirrors her own life experiences, yet her contributions went uncredited.

Dutt’s poignant post shared, “The scene where the Dalit author who is from Columbia, has written a book about ‘Coming Out’, and talks about how her grandmother ‘manually cleaned toilets’… asserts her selfhood with her life partner to-be, gave me chills.

It was surreal to see a version of my life on screen that wasn’t but yet was still me. But soon the heartbreak set in. They were my words but my name was nowhere. What could have been a celebration of our collective ideas was now tinged with sadness.”

She further lamented the historical exploitation of Dalit narratives, especially those of Dalit women, emphasizing her resolve to reclaim her work’s recognition and worth. Yashica Dutt highlighted that while her name appeared in the list of contributors, it only surfaced after numerous queries were raised.

In conclusion, Dutt addressed Made In Heaven Season 2 creators Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti, urging them to acknowledge her life experiences and creative contributions.

Insight into Made In Heaven Season 2

The second season of Made In Heaven premiered on August 10th. Apart from lead actors Sobhita Dhulipala and Arjun Mathur, the show featured a diverse cast including Mona Singh, Trinetra Haldar, and Ishwak Singh.

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