BTS’ V Achieves Remarkable Spotify Milestone Ahead of Solo Album Release

“BTS’ V Attains Remarkable Streaming Milestone: Surpasses 1 Billion Spotify Streams as a Solo Artist”

"V of BTS Soars with Spotify Milestone"
“V of BTS Soars with Spotify Milestone”(PC : Youtube)

Kim Taehyung, renowned as V from BTS, continues to make waves with his record-breaking accomplishments. Just on the cusp of his upcoming solo album release, V has reached an extraordinary milestone by amassing over 1 billion streams on Spotify across all credits as a solo artist. This achievement sets a new personal record for the BTS member, and the anticipation among fans for his upcoming solo album, “Layover,” scheduled for a September release, is soaring.

V Surpasses 1 Billion Spotify Streams as a Soloist

On August 31st, Taehyung achieved a significant feat by surpassing 1 billion streams across all credits on his Spotify profile. This remarkable milestone encompasses streams from his three K-drama OSTs: “Sweet Night,” “Christmas Tree,” and “Even If I Die, It’s You.” It also includes streams from the pre-release tracks “Love Me Again” and “Rainy Days,” both from his upcoming album. Adding to the excitement, three of Taehyung’s beloved Soundcloud songs – “Winter Bear,” “Scenery,” and “Snow Flower,” originally released in 2019 and 2020 – recently became available on Spotify and other streaming platforms, delighting his dedicated fanbase.

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V’s Recent Activities and Album Release

V’s upcoming solo album, “Layover,” set to launch on September 8th, features five songs along with a bonus track titled “Slow Dancing” (piano version). The album is designed as a visual experience, with music videos accompanying all the tracks, intended to be enjoyed sequentially. Physical copies of the album are currently open for pre-orders worldwide.

The artist recently made a heartwarming appearance on Dingo Story, where he surprised a lucky fan and spent a memorable day together. This episode was released on August 31st, creating a special moment for the fan and fulfilling V’s dream of connecting with his supporters. Additionally, V is scheduled to make an appearance on SBS’ “Running Man” to promote his solo debut with “Layover,” with the episode slated for broadcast on September 10th.

Moreover, on August 29th, “Winter Bear,” originally released in 2019, claimed the top position on the iTunes Top Songs charts in 45 countries/regions worldwide, including Japan, France, and Finland. Similarly, “Snow Flower” also dominated the iTunes Top Song chart in 37 regions globally, including Sweden, Greece, and Turkey. V’s self-composed song “Scenery,” released in 2019, achieved no. 1 on the iTunes Top Song chart in 21 countries, including Singapore and Vietnam.

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