“Charu Asopa Commends Former Sister-in-law Sushmita Sen’s Remarkable Performance in ‘Taali'”

Former Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen’s sister-in-law, Charu Asopa, was previously married to the actress’ brother, Rajeev Sen.

Renowned actress Charu Asopa, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has garnered attention this year due to her separation from Rajeev Sen. The couple’s divorce, which was finalized in June, has remained in the limelight, especially for their commendable efforts in co-parenting their daughter, Ziana.

Charu has consistently emphasized her commitment to maintaining a harmonious relationship with her former husband and his family. Notably, Rajeev Sen is the brother of the celebrated Bollywood artist Sushmita Sen.

Recently, Charu Asopa took to social media to express her admiration for Sushmita Sen’s performance in the newly released web series “Taali,” in which Sushmita portrays the character of transgender activist Shri Gauri Sawant.

This series, which debuted on August 15th on an OTT platform, has garnered praise for Sushmita’s compelling portrayal of the activist. Charu shared a screenshot from the series on her Instagram story, accompanied by a heartfelt caption: “What a performance Didi, so proud of you! @sushmitasen #hatsoff Got Goosebumps.”

Charu Asopa Commends Sushmita Sen's Outstanding Performance in 'Taali'
Charu Asopa Commends Sushmita Sen’s Outstanding Performance in ‘Taali’

The relationship dynamics between Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen have been a subject of interest. The couple’s marital journey involved a series of mutual allegations that eventually led to their separation. Despite their differences, they have chosen to maintain a respectful connection, particularly for the sake of their daughter, Ziana. Speaking with Pinkvilla in an interview, Charu discussed their evolving equation, stating, “Now, we are in a better position where we don’t expect anything from each other. I think we are becoming friends, and simultaneously, we are also taking care of our daughter, Ziana. So, I think what we have right now is good.”

On the professional front, Charu Asopa is actively engaged in filming for the series “Kaisa Hai Yeh Rishta Anjana,” where she portrays a negative character.

She frequently shares glimpses of her work life through photos and videos on her social media platforms, often collaborating with her co-stars in entertaining reels. Notably, her daughter Ziana recently visited the set, accompanied by her grandmother, showcasing the positive atmosphere surrounding Charu’s commitments.

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