Chiranjeevi Initially Considered for Manoj Bajpayee’s Character in ‘The Family Man,’ Reveals Insider Source

Raj & DK, the Visionaries Behind ‘The Family Man,’ Initially Envisioned a Film, with Chiranjeevi as Their Ideal Choice for the Lead Role

"Initial Consideration: Chiranjeevi for 'The Family Man' Role"
“Initial Consideration: Chiranjeevi for ‘The Family Man’ Role”

Manoj Bajpayee’s portrayal of Srikant Tiwari in ‘The Family Man’ has earned it a special place among viewers. The character, a middle-class man juggling a covert role as an intelligence officer for the fictitious TASC (Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell) of the National Investigation Agency, has become synonymous with Bajpayee’s skill. However, intriguing revelations have surfaced about the show’s inception.

Creators of the show, Raj & DK, originally envisioned ‘The Family Man’ as a Telugu movie. Their first choice to embody the protagonist was none other than Chiranjeevi. This revelation was recently shared by producer Ashwini Dutt. Dutt explained that Raj & DK were all set to transform the concept into a Telugu film, featuring Chiranjeevi in the lead role. They even considered altering the script to exclude the children’s characters as per Chiranjeevi’s concerns.

Despite their efforts, Chiranjeevi declined the offer, reportedly worried about fan reception to his portrayal as a father of two. Even after Raj & DK offered to modify the script, accommodating his concerns, the collaboration did not materialize.

Chiranjeevi, fresh from the success of ‘Khaidi No 150,’ was initially approached for the project that eventually evolved into ‘The Family Man.’ While the series has since achieved acclaim, it remains fascinating to contemplate the alternate trajectory it might have taken had Chiranjeevi taken on the lead role.”

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