Cillian Murphy Lookalike, Tyler Glasnow, Disputes Viral Image with ‘Oppenheimer’ Star, Citing ‘AI-Generated’ Origin

“Tyler Glasnow Breaks Silence on Viral Resemblance to Cillian Murphy, Stuns Fans with His Response”

Glasnow on Murphy Resemblance Clarification
Glasnow on Murphy Resemblance Clarification (Instagram)


  • Tyler Glasnow Addresses Viral Resemblance to Cillian Murphy
  • Murphy Previously Denied Authenticity of Viral Image
  • Glasnow Asserts Images Are Doctored to Create Similarity

Weeks following Cillian Murphy’s response to his widely talked-about lookalike, baseball player Tyler Glasnow of the Tampa Bay Rays has now shared his perspective. Interestingly, Glasnow refutes claims of resembling the ‘Oppenheimer’ star. During a recent appearance on ‘The Chris Rose Rotation’ podcast, he discussed his sports journey, including the uncanny likeness to Murphy.

Glasnow made a distinct point, revealing that the viral image showcasing their likeness is an AI-generated fabrication, not an authentic photograph. He clarified, “It was an AI-generated photo, that’s what I keep telling everyone. It wasn’t a real photo.” While acknowledging their resemblance, Glasnow emphasized that the circulating images are manipulated. He acknowledged, “I get that I look like him. But certain photos, I’m like, ‘Woah, I look a lot like him.'”

Prior to Murphy’s comments, the doppelganger notion had garnered relatively less attention. Following Murphy’s acknowledgement of the likeness during an interview podcast for ‘Oppenheimer,’ Glasnow’s social media began receiving numerous tags and comments.

In response to the viral image, Murphy had initially stated, “Yes, I’ve been sent that.” He continued, “You’re the first person to say, but wasn’t that like an AI-generated image or something? Many people have sent it. I need to turn off more notifications.” Murphy had previously confirmed the images were manipulated. Now, Glasnow clarifies that the images are not authentic, shedding light on the manufactured resemblance.

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