Dulquer’s King of Kotha Garners Second Highest Opening in Malayalam Film History at the Box Office

King of Kotha, headlined by Dulquer, achieves a remarkable milestone with the second-highest opening day collection for a Malayalam film in the Indian box office. Preliminary estimations suggest an impressive first-day figure of Rs. 9 crores from India.

"Dulquer Salmaan in "King of Kotha""
“Dulquer Salmaan in “King of Kotha””


  • “King of Kotha,” starring Dulquer Salmaan, achieves the second-highest opening for Malayalam films.
  • The film grossed approximately Rs. 9 crores in India, out of which Rs. 6 crores originated from Kerala.

In a remarkable feat, the much-anticipated film “King of Kotha,” starring Dulquer Salmaan, has secured the second-highest opening day collection in the history of Malayalam cinema. The film, on its opening day, garnered an impressive approximate amount of Rs. 9 crores at the Indian box office. This achievement places it narrowly behind the record set by “Odiyan,” which garnered Rs. 9.50 crores on its opening day.

The earnings for “King of Kotha” encompass a substantial sum of Rs. 6 crores from the state of Kerala, with the remaining Rs. 3 crores originating from other parts of India. Among these, the Telugu states emerged as significant contributors, contributing Rs. 1.40 crores, followed by Tamil Nadu with Rs. 90 lakhs and Karnataka with Rs. 60 lakhs. Impressively, the film’s global first-day gross stands at approximately Rs. 17 crores.

Despite this impressive performance, the movie’s box office results have left some underwhelmed, primarily due to initial expectations of breaking records. Notably, the film witnessed robust pre-sales in Kerala, achieving a milestone by recording the highest pre-release sales ever for a Malayalam film.

Although initial projections for the first day’s collections exceeded Rs. 7 crores, the actual figure settled at Rs. 6 crores. This, however, secures the film’s commendable position within the top five highest opening day collections for Malayalam films. The disparity between expectations and reality can be attributed to the film’s initial reception falling short, thereby restricting the pace of sales throughout the day.

As the festive Onam season approaches, the film stands to benefit from an extended holiday period commencing on Tuesday. However, it faces competition from other releases that have hit the screens today. While the new releases exhibited a relatively sluggish start during the morning hours, “RDX” stands out with a promising reception, potentially granting it an advantage in the forthcoming days.

The list of the five highest opening days at the Indian box office for Malayalam films is as follows:

  1. “Odiyan” with Rs. 9.50 crores
  2. “King of Kotha” with an approximate Rs. 9 crores
  3. “Marakkar- Lion of the Arabian Sea” with Rs. 7.40 crores
  4. “Bheeshma Parvam” with Rs. 6.70 crores
  5. “Kurup” with Rs. 6.60 crores

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