Eric Nam’s Latest MV, ‘Only for a Moment,’ Showcases His Enjoyment of Diverse Company with a Groovy and Quirky Vibe

Eric Nam has unveiled the music video for the title track “Only for a Moment” from his latest album, “House on a Hill.” The South Korean singer-songwriter delivers a delightful and engaging song, complemented by an exceptional music video. Read on for a closer look at this captivating release.

Eric Nam's mesmerizing transformation.
Eric Nam’s mesmerizing transformation.

In a captivating musical debut, Eric Nam revealed the title music video for “Only for a Moment” from his latest album, “House on a Hill,” on September 8th at 9:30 AM IST. In this visually stunning release, Eric Nam channels the iconic Keanu Reeves from “The Matrix,” or perhaps even a enigmatic Grim Reaper, exhibiting a remarkable transformation that left viewers in awe.

Only for a Moment,” a track from Eric Nam’s “House on a Hill” album, unfolds a compelling narrative. The music video centers around a chance encounter with a woman in a subway, an encounter that piques Eric Nam’s curiosity. As the video progresses, it portrays diverse individuals from various walks of life drawn together by the magnetic pull of the song.

Notably, Eric Nam’s first smile in the video marks a pivotal moment. The video concludes with the enigmatic woman’s departure, prompting Eric Nam to chase after her, symbolizing a pursuit that could metaphorically represent the retrieval of his own heart.

The title song, “Only for a Moment,” was a collaborative creation by Eric Nam and the British electro-pop duo HONNE, whose influence is distinctly evident in the song’s chorus. Eric Nam shared that the concept for the music video took shape during a subway ride in the UK while en route to meet HONNE. It was during this journey that he envisioned the scenes that would ultimately become the thematic core of the music video. “Only for a Moment,” the titular track of the album, narrates a story of encountering a first and enduring love, someone who enters one’s life unexpectedly, causing time to stand still and the envisioned future with one’s beloved to stretch out like a panoramic vista.

Eric Nam’s album, “House on a Hill,” features a total of eight songs, including “House on a Hill,” “Don’t Leave Yet,” “I Wish I Wasn’t Me,” “undefined,” “Sink or Swim,” “Exist,” and “House on a Hill (feat. Em Beihold).” This album serves as a platform for fans to gain deeper insights into Eric Nam as an artist and as an individual, highlighting his musical experimentation and evolution.

Excitingly, Eric Nam is set to embark on a world tour, commencing at the end of September, spanning North America, South America, the UK, Europe, and select parts of Asia. Notably, India is on the tour itinerary in 2024, promising an unforgettable experience for fans worldwide.

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