Introducing the New Couples of Season: A Look into ‘Seeking Sister Wife’

The Upcoming Season of ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Unveils Returning and New Cast Members, Along with Departures

"'Seeking Sister Wife' Season: New and Familiar Faces"
“‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season: New and Familiar Faces”

TLC’s ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ is set to return with a mix of familiar faces and new additions, shedding light on the complexities of polygamous relationships. While some couples have seen their journeys end, others persevere.

Ashley and Dimitri Snowden

Longtime stars of the franchise, Ashley and Dimitri Snowden, discussed their three-season journey to incorporate a sister wife into their family. Despite focusing on Joselyn in Season 1, their connection ultimately faltered. In Season 2, their pursuit of Vanessa Cobbs seemed promising, including a spiritual wedding, but Vanessa left less than a year into the marriage.

Returning Couples

Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield, who decided to explore polygamy after ten years of marriage, are back. They met Roberta online and went through a divorce to accommodate her, though Dannielle’s parents opposed the decision.

Tosha Jones and Sidian

Tosha and Sidian Jones, featured in Season 3, now pursue a potential sister-wife from the Philippines named Arielle, despite challenges from Tosha’s mother.

Nick, April, and Jennifer Davis

This unique family returns, practicing an unconventional form of polygamy where April and Jennifer, legally married, both consider themselves Nick’s wives.

New Additions

Steve and Brenda Foley, seeking to expand their family, aim to bring in a younger sister wife.

Marcus, Taryn, and India Epps, another polygamist family, join the ensemble. Marcus is engaged to India and recently married Taryn, but tension arises as they seek another wife.

Not Returning

Ashley and Dimitri Snowden, after controversy surrounding abuse allegations, won’t be part of the new season.

The Winder family has also announced their departure from the series.

The upcoming season of ‘Seeking Sister Wife,’ produced by Bright Spot Content, an All3Media America subsidiary, promises to delve into the complexities of polygamous relationships over fourteen episodes.”