Kim Woo Bin, Lead of ‘Black Knight’, Pays Respects at Fan’s Funeral; Shares Heartfelt Tribute on Instagram, Family Responds

“In a Touching Gesture, Kim Woo Bin Participates in Fan’s Funeral and Shares Emotional Instagram Tribute; Family Responds with Appreciation”

PC : Kim Woo Bin's Instagram
PC : Kim Woo Bin’s Instagram


  • Kim Woo Bin’s Recent Attendance at Fan’s Funeral
  • Heartfelt Instagram Message by Kim Woo Bin to Honor the Fan
  • Positive Response from the Family in Appreciation

Renowned for his roles in popular K-dramas like “Black Knight,” “The Heirs,” and “Uncontrollably Fond,” Kim Woo Bin recently penned a touching Instagram post in memory of a devoted fan who passed away. The actor not only expressed his tribute online but also personally paid his respects at the fan’s funeral. The fan’s family responded warmly to Woo Bin’s gestures of condolence.

Kim Woo Bin’s Instagram Tribute

On August 26, 2023, Kim Woo Bin shared an airplane window view on Instagram. He accompanied the image with a heartfelt message dedicated to Ji Won, a fervent supporter from one of his fansites, who had recently passed away. He thanked Ji Won for her unwavering support throughout his career and revealed that he had attended her funeral. Woo Bin acknowledged the effort she put into attending his events over the years, cherishing her smiles and inquiries about his well-being. He expressed hope for her happiness wherever she is and envisioned a joyful reunion in the future.

The actor promised to carry her memory as he pursued the projects she eagerly anticipated. He acknowledged her as a significant source of strength and gratitude, promising to meet her again someday.

PC : Kim Woo Bin’s Instagram

Grateful Response from Ji Won’s Family

Ji Won’s younger sister, Ji Su, conveyed profound gratitude for Kim Woo Bin’s presence at the funeral and the flowers he sent in Ji Won’s honor. She responded to Woo Bin’s post, expressing her family’s heartfelt appreciation for his gestures. She emphasized that his attendance was the most sincere form of comfort they received. Ji Su conveyed her sister’s enduring love for Woo Bin and her contentment in seeing him once more. She believed Ji Won had found peace and extended well wishes for Woo Bin’s health and work.

Ji Su concluded by thanking Woo Bin once more for being there for her sister and expressed hopes for his continued happiness and well-being.

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