Kushi Box Office Report: Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha’s Film Rakes in a Whopping 60 Crores Worldwide During Its Opening Weekend

“Telugu Movie ‘Kushi’ Records Moderate Weekend Box Office Performance, Grossing Approximately Rs. 43 Crores, with Sunday Maintaining Consistency at Saturday Levels”

"'Kushi' Box Office: Modest Weekend Earnings"
“‘Kushi’ Box Office: Modest Weekend Earnings”

The weekend performance of the Telugu movie ‘Kushi’ at the Indian box office yielded around Rs. 43 crores, with Sunday showing no improvement over Saturday. More concerning than the modest collections is the film’s lackluster trend. Internationally, the movie managed to garner about USD 1.80 million, contributing to a global box office gross of Rs. 60 crores.

While ‘Kushi’ found a relatively better reception in urban hubs like Hyderabad and Bengaluru, traditional strongholds for Vijay Deverakonda films, even these markets experienced a decline on Sunday. Tamil Nadu delivered a commendable performance, raking in over Rs. 4 crores during the weekend. In contrast, Andhra Pradesh underperformed significantly, accumulating a mere Rs. 15 crores over the weekend.

Here’s the breakdown of ‘Kushi’ box office collections in India:

  • Friday: Rs. 17.25 crores
  • Saturday: Rs. 13 crores
  • Sunday: Rs. 13.25 crores

Total: Rs. 43.50 crores

Notably, the film bears substantial distribution costs in the Telugu states, amounting to Rs. 38 crores. While there’s potential for recovery in Nizam, the prospects appear bleak in Andhra Pradesh, with a meager 35 percent recovery observed within the first three days.

The territorial split for the weekend box office earnings of ‘Kushi’ is as follows:

  • Nizam: Rs. 18.25 crores (Rs. 9.75 crores share)
  • Ceeded: Rs. 3 crores (Rs. 2 crores share)
  • Andhra: Rs. 12.25 crores (Rs. 6.50 crores share)

Total for AP/TS: Rs. 33.50 crores (Rs. 18.25 crores share)

  • Karnataka: Rs. 4.50 crores (Rs. 2.10 crores share)
  • Tamil Nadu: Rs. 4.25 crores (Rs. 1.85 crores share)
  • Rest of India: Rs. 1.25 crores (Rs. 50 lakhs share)

Total: Rs. 43.50 crores (Rs. 22.50 crores share)