Mahhi Vij, Actress of ‘Laal Ishq,’ Shares Touching Video Featuring Daughters Khushi and Tara; Witness the Emotion

“Actress Mahhi Vij, a Devoted Mother of Three, Offers Glimpses into Her Children’s Lives”

"Mahhi Vij's Touching Family photos" (PC : Mahhi Vij Instagram)
“”Mahhi Vij with Her Daughter: Heartwarming Moments”
(PC Credit : Mahhi Vij Instagram)

In the realm of entertainment, Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali shine as an adored couple, captivating fans with their affectionate bond and artistic talents. Their presence resonates with deep love and impressive skills, endearing them to audiences. A daughter named Tara completes their family. Notably, alongside parenting Tara, Jay and Mahhi embrace the roles of foster parents to Rajveer and Khushi, embodying compassion and inclusivity.

Recently, Mahhi Vij shared an emotional video of her daughters, Khushi and Tara, on social media. Mahhi consistently updates her fans about her life and children, sharing a touching video on August 27th. The video, set to the poignant track “Udja Kale Kawan” from the film “Gadar,” captures Mahhi’s sentiment of not wanting to be apart from her children.

The video showcases a candid moment as her kids head to their friends’ place. Mahhi’s caption reflects her true feelings: “When kids are going to their friend’s place and I act cool. Reality: I never want to leave them alone.”

Dressed comfortably in a baggy white T-shirt and blue denim, Mahhi’s elder daughter, Khushi, exudes charm in a white and blue frock, while Tara dons a white crop top with a long white skirt. This post offers an endearing glimpse of the emotional bond shared between Mahhi and her children.

The journey into parenthood for Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij took a significant turn in 2017 when they became foster parents to twins Khushi and Rajveer, showcasing their compassionate hearts.

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