Miley Cyrus Unveils Latest Single as an Ode to Her Devoted Fan Base

Commencing the promotional video is a captivating scene wherein Cyrus confidently advances towards the camera donned in a striking red leotard. This engaging sequence seamlessly segues into a series of sneak peeks extracted from her highly anticipated upcoming album.

Miley Cyrus prepares to drop her latest single, "Used to Be Young," following the enduring success of "Flowers." Image shows Cyrus in a red leotard from the promotional video.
Miley Cyrus prepares to drop her latest single

Miley Cyrus Readies Latest Track: As her hit “Flowers” maintains its impressive standing on the Billboard Hot 100 even after six months from its debut, Miley Cyrus gears up to extend her musical journey with a fresh release titled “Used to Be Young,” slated for launch on August 25, as announced on Thursday, August 17.

The announcement came via the renowned artist’s Instagram account, where her massive following of 213 million were not only informed about the imminent single drop but also clued in on other significant upcoming ventures.

Setting the tone in a striking red leotard, Cyrus commands attention as she strides towards the lens in the introductory moments of the promotional video. This dynamic sequence subsequently seamlessly shifts focus to glimpses extracted from her upcoming album, “Endless Summer Vacation: Continued Backyard Sessions.”

Despite maintaining a relatively low profile this year, Cyrus has been playfully dropping hints about her upcoming single for weeks. Subtle allusions to the new track’s title were dropped earlier this month in the description of the Bangerz 10th Anniversary Deluxe vinyl on her official website. On August 15, a cryptic video featuring posters referencing the lyrics of her career-defining hits like “Wrecking Ball,” “Flowers,” “The Climb,” and “Party in the U.S.A.” was shared, accompanied by thoughtful captions.

“Used To Be Young” marks Miley Cyrus’ first fresh recording since the March release of “Endless Summer Vacation.” The album, her ninth studio endeavor, made an impressive debut at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 charts and also found its way to Disney+, complete with its own Backyard Sessions. To further excite fans, the subsequent episode of “Endless Summer Vacation: Continued Backyard Sessions” is scheduled to be available on Hulu the following day.

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