Miss World Karolina Bielawska Names Priyanka Chopra as Her Favorite Actor, Hailing Her as an Icon

“Karolina Bielawska Extends Admiration for Superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra, Expresses Aspirations to Collaborate with Acclaimed Filmmakers Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Sajid Nadiadwala”

"Karolina Bielawska's Bollywood Dreams"(PC : Karolina Bielawska & Priyanka Chopra Instagram)
“Karolina Bielawska’s Bollywood Dreams”(PC : Karolina Bielawska & Priyanka Chopra Instagram)


  • Miss World 2022’s Visit: Karolina Bielawska, the reigning Miss World 2022, is currently in India.
  • Praises for Hindi Film Industry: During her visit, she lavishly praised the Hindi film industry.
  • Industry Aspirations: Bielawska also candidly shared her aspirations of becoming a part of the industry’s creative landscape.

Karolina Bielawska, the reigning Miss World 2022, graces Indian soil in preparation for the 71st edition of the Miss World beauty pageant, slated for December 8 in the picturesque Kashmir region. Ahead of the grand event, Bielawska is immersing herself in the cultural tapestry of the country, embarking on a whirlwind exploration.

During her visit to Kashmir, she embarked on a serene shikara ride across the tranquil Dal Lake, donning the traditional Kashmiri Pheran. The outing included luminaries like Julia Morley, the Chairperson and CEO of the Miss World Organization, as well as other dignitaries.

Transitioning to the bustling capital, Delhi, the beauty queen engaged in an interview with News 18. Here, she eloquently extolled the virtues of the Hindi film industry and fervently expressed her aspirations to become a part of its vibrant canvas.

Bielawska’s Bollywood aspirations extend to superstar actors Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra, while her ambitions encompass collaborations with esteemed filmmakers such as Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Sajid Nadiadwala. Her dreams also encompass a desire to immerse herself in Hindi cinema and to spend substantial time in Mumbai.

She effusively praised Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s cinematic craftsmanship, hailing his creations as masterpieces, notably citing his work with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Bielawska also expressed an eagerness to meet Sajid Nadiadwala, renowned for his prowess in crafting action-packed films.

In a heartwarming revelation, the Polish model designated Priyanka Chopra as her favorite actress, lauding her multifaceted achievements. Fondly recalling “The Sky is Pink” as her last Chopra-starrer, Bielawska commended her for her dedication to meaningful causes, in addition to her acting prowess.

The Sky Is Pink
The Sky Is Pink

Bielawska further commended Miss World titleholders Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai, regarding them as incredible inspirations. She expressed the hope of meeting them soon, an encounter she anticipates with excitement. Regarding Shah Rukh Khan, the young model expressed admiration and a desire to collaborate with the Bollywood icon.

Notably, during previous visits to Mumbai, Bielawska described the city as “beautiful and fast-growing,” renowned for its association with Bollywood.

Revealing a penchant for Hindi cinema, Bielawska confessed to indulging in Bollywood films during her travels, captivated by the mesmerizing dance sequences and vibrant visuals. With genuine enthusiasm, she conveyed her aspiration to join the ranks of Indian movie stars, considering it a tremendous honor.

Karolina Bielawska is an accomplished Polish model, television presenter, and social activist. As the UN Messenger of Peace Goodwill Ambassador, she wears many hats as a philanthropist and publicist. Crowned Miss World 2021, she embodies grace, purpose, and a global perspective.

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