Punjabi Film ‘Mastaney’ Garners Impressive Rs. 25 Crores Worldwide Box Office Collection in Opening Weekend

“Punjabi Movie ‘Mastaney’ Achieves a Spectacular Opening Weekend Performance on the Global Box Office”

"Mastaney: Opening Weekend Triumph" (PC : IMDB )
“Mastaney: Opening Weekend Triumph” (PC : IMDB )


  • Global Box Office Success: Punjabi film “Mastaney” scores a resounding victory with a blockbuster first weekend worldwide.
  • Impressive Earnings: “Mastaney” achieves a remarkable milestone, grossing an impressive Rs 25 crores during its inaugural weekend.
  • Theatrical Availability: Audiences can catch “Mastaney” on the big screen, as it continues its run in theaters nearby.

Punjabi film “Mastaney” concluded its opening weekend with impressive figures, collecting over Rs. 4.50 crores on Sunday alone, resulting in a total first weekend gross of Rs. 11 crores. The film commenced on a strong note on Friday and witnessed substantial growth on Saturday, solidifying its blockbuster status. The upcoming weekdays will be pivotal in determining whether it attains “All-Time Blockbuster” status.

Appealing to a Diverse Audience

Mastaney,” rooted in Sikh history, has managed to draw a diverse audience beyond regular cinema-goers, which bodes well for its prospects. In the Punjabi film industry, comedies and devotional films have historically been major successes. With “Mastaney,” similar potential is on the horizon, akin to past hits like “Carry on Jatta 3” and “Chaar Sahibzade,” which achieved remarkable box office success.

Box Office Collections:

  • Friday: Rs. 2.90 crores
  • Saturday: Rs. 3.60 crores
  • Sunday: Rs. 4.50 crores
  • Total Weekend Collection: Rs. 11 crores

Global Triumph:

The film also made waves internationally, breaking opening records for Punjabi cinema in Australia and New Zealand. Strong advance bookings for Monday indicate it will soon become the highest-grossing Punjabi film in these markets. Despite a Sunday loss in North America due to National Cinema Day promotions, the film still performed well, with Italy also contributing positively. The film’s overseas weekend collection stands at USD 1.70 million, with potential to exceed USD 2 million with wider distribution.

Worldwide Territorial Breakdown for the First Weekend of ‘Mastaney’:

  • East Punjab: Rs. 9.25 crores
  • Rest of India: Rs. 1.75 crores
  • Total India Collection: Rs. 11 crores
  • North America: USD 675,000
  • Australia: AUD 830,000
  • New Zealand: NZD 230,000
  • United Kingdom: GBP 95,000
  • Europe: USD 135,000
  • Rest of World: USD 75,000 Approx
  • Overseas Total: USD 1,700,000 / Rs. 14 crores
  • Worldwide Gross: Rs. 25 crores

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