Pyo Ye Jin, Star of ‘Taxi Driver,’ Set to Headline Romance Drama Penned by Baek Mi Kyung, Writer of ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ – Get the Details

“Actress Pyo Ye Jin Receives Role Offer in Upcoming Romantic Comedy Drama by Renowned Writer Baek Mi Kyung, Best Known for ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ – Agency’s Response Revealed”

"Pyo Ye Jin, possible star of 'She Dreams of Cinderella'"
“Pyo Ye Jin, possible star of ‘She Dreams of Cinderella'”(PC :Pyo Ye Jin/ Instagram)

In a recent development, acclaimed actress Pyo Ye Jin, best known for her role in “Fight For My Way,” is reported to have been offered the lead role in an upcoming romantic comedy drama titled “She Dreams of Cinderella.” This new project is generating considerable excitement among viewers, largely due to the involvement of renowned author Baek Mi Kyung as the creator.

The narrative of “She Dreams of Cinderella” revolves around a woman who yearns for her own Cinderella story. Pyo Ye Jin is said to be considering the role of Shin Jae Rim, a social club manager. The drama promises to delve into the journey of a woman aspiring to find her Prince Charming while grappling with the harsh realities of life. It will explore how their paths cross and how they subsequently influence each other’s lives.

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Pyo Ye Jin’s management company has confirmed that she has received the offer and is currently giving it a positive review. Interestingly, there were reports that actress Kim Ji Eun, known for her role in “Longing for You,” was also considered for the same part, but her agency’s response remains pending. Fans are eager to see who ultimately takes on this captivating character, with Pyo Ye Jin seriously considering the project.

One of the key reasons for the heightened attention surrounding “She Dreams of Cinderella” is the involvement of Baek Mi Kyung as the creator. Baek Mi Kyung is celebrated for her exceptional work on hit Korean dramas such as “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” “The Lady in Dignity,” and “Mine.” Her track record of delivering compelling narratives has raised anticipation levels among fans for this forthcoming romantic comedy.

Pyo Ye Jin has consistently showcased her remarkable acting prowess in various K-dramas, including “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim,” “VIP,” and “Our Blooming Youth,” among others. Notably, she underwent a significant character transformation in the revenge drama “Taxi Driver 2,” alongside Lee Je Hoon, earning acclaim from fans for her contributions to the show’s extraordinary storytelling on screen.