“Rajinikanth’s ‘Jailer’ Continues to Dominate Box Office Post-Holiday Season, Surpasses 400 Crore Mark in Global Collections”

“On the Seventh Day, ‘Jailer’ Amasses a Whopping 20 Crores, Pushing Indian Box Office Totals to 254 Crores; Rajinikanth’s Magnum Opus Rakes in an Additional 147 Crores from Overseas, Achieving a Stellar 400 Crore Plus Global Collection Mark.”

"Box Office Triumph: 'Jailer' Secures 20 Crores on Day Seven, Surpasses 254 Crore Mark in India, Achieves Remarkable 400 Crore Plus Worldwide Gross
Jailer box office collections: Rajinikanth film has strong hold


  • Wednesday Win: ‘Jailer’ Locks in Rs. 20 Crores on a Wednesday Spree in India, Accumulating a Total of Rs. 254 Crores Domestically.
  • Global Triumph: The Movie’s Overseas Venture Adds Rs. 147 Crores to the Pot, Propelling the Total Global Gross Beyond the Rs. 400 Crore Milestone.
  • Impressive Seven-Day Haul: ‘Jailer’ Secures the Second-Highest Seven-Day Collection Record for Tamil Films, Only Behind the Blockbuster ‘2.0’.

In a remarkable display of resilience after the holiday period, the movie ‘Jailer’ showcased its robust grip on the box office. On the seventh day of its release, the film amassed an impressive sum of almost 20 crores in India, elevating its total domestic earnings to around 254 crores. Notably, the seven-day box office gross of ‘Jailer’ secures the second-highest position in the history of Tamil cinema, closely trailing behind Rajinikanth’s magnum opus ‘2.0’, which garnered a substantial 345 crores within the same timeframe.

As the film concludes its extended eight-day week, industry insiders anticipate a closing figure of approximately 270 crores.

On the international front, ‘Jailer’ garnered an additional USD 17.75 million (roughly 147 crores), contributing to its worldwide cumulative total of over 400 crores. The movie’s achievement of crossing the 400 crore mark cements its position as only the fourth Kollywood film to attain such an accomplishment, following the footsteps of ‘2.0’, ‘PS1’, and ‘Vikram’.

Breaking down the box office collections of ‘Jailer’ within India, the numbers stand as follows:

  • Thursday: 50.50 crores
  • Friday: 28.50 crores
  • Saturday: 38 crores
  • Sunday: 45.50 crores
  • Monday: 30.50 crores
  • Tuesday: 41.50 crores
  • Wednesday: 19.50 crores

Total: 254 crores

In Tamil Nadu alone, the film reaped 8.50 crores on the preceding day, amassing a cumulative sum of nearly 117.50 crores. Although the seven-day figures here stand as the second-highest ever, ‘Ponniyin Selvan 1’ clinches the top spot with an impressive 125.50 crores. Wednesday’s numbers have reinforced the likelihood of ‘Jailer’ surpassing ‘Vikram’ to secure the second-highest grosser position in Tamil Nadu.

The ascent to the 200 crore mark also remains a strong prospect, with the second weekend’s performance playing a pivotal role in determining the outcome.

Comparatively, ‘Jailer’ currently holds a lead of 27 crores over ‘Vikram’, considering the parallel performance of both films up until Wednesday. Notably, ‘Vikram’ proceeded to add an additional 90 crores, culminating in a Tamil Nadu total of 181 crores. For ‘Jailer’ to touch the 208 crore mark, maintaining daily collections on par with ‘Vikram’ would be paramount.

Across the Telugu states, ‘Jailer’ galloped across the 50 crore gross milestone, securing its position as the third highest-grossing Kollywood film in the region. The film is anticipated to ascend to the second position during the upcoming weekend, potentially surpassing ‘Endhiran’.

Although the summit held by ‘2.0’ with a towering 92 crores seems formidable, the prospect of ‘Jailer’ challenging this achievement remains uncertain but not implausible.

Breaking down the territorial box office collections for ‘Jailer’:

  • Tamil Nadu: Approximately 117.50 crores
  • AP/TS: 53 crores
  • Karnataka: 39.50 crores
  • Kerala: 36.25 crores
  • North India: 7.75 crores
  • Total: 254 crores

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