Review of Aakhri Sach Episodes 1 and 2: Tamannaah’s Performance Shines Despite Amateurish Treatment of a Promising Plot

The initial two episodes of ‘Aakhri Sach,’ starring Tamannaah, are currently available for streaming on Disney+Hotstar, with subsequent episodes scheduled for weekly releases.

 "Tamannaah in 'Aakhri Sach' Episodes 1 and 2"
“Tamannaah in ‘Aakhri Sach’ Episodes 1 and 2”


  1. The debut two episodes of ‘Aakhri Sach,’ featuring Tamannaah in the lead role, are currently streaming on Disney+Hotstar.
  2. In the series ‘Aakhri Sach,’ Tamannaah Bhatia takes on the character of Inspector Anya.

‘Aakhri Sach,‘ inspired by the shocking Burari deaths, unfolds a complex tale through Inspector Anya, portrayed by Tamannaah. In Episode 1, Delhi awakens to the grim discovery of 11 family members found dead, with Inspector Anya suspecting murder. Episode 2 delves into the tragic past of one of the deceased, Bhuvan Rajawat, leading Anya to two potential suspects.

What’s Effective

The show draws its premise from real-life events, offering an intriguing narrative. Although the initial episodes disappoint, it introduces some compelling characters.

What Falls Short

The first episodes suffer from amateurish execution, lacking the impact such a premise could achieve. The storytelling feels casual, failing to convey the inherent spookiness.

Performance Highlights

Tamannaah Bhatia’s portrayal of Inspector Anya is adequate but lacks an intimidating presence. Abhishek Banerjee shows promise as the series progresses.

Final Verdict on ‘Aakhri Sach’ Episodes 1 & 2

The initial episodes of ‘Aakhri Sach’ are disappointing, failing to do justice to the captivating story. Hopes remain for improvement as the series unfolds, deserving a more engaging treatment.

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