Review of Episodes 7-10 of ‘Moving’: Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo’s Heartwarming Love Story, Ryu Seung Ryong’s Strong Performance

“Gaining Momentum: ‘Moving’ Emerges as a Top K-Drama with Captivating Plot and Skillful Performances by Lead Cast including Lee Jung Ha and Go Yoon Jung”

"Captivating K-Drama 'Moving': A Journey of Secrets"
“Captivating K-Drama ‘Moving’: A Journey of Secrets”


  1. Romance Blossoms: Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo’s characters find love amidst unfolding events.
  2. Character Depth Unveiled: Ryu Seung Ryong’s character gains depth through backstory and an impactful encounter with his daughter’s mother.

TV Series Spotlight: Moving

  • Premiere Date: August 9, 2023
  • Cast: Ryu Seung Ryong, Han Hyo Joo, Jo In Sung, Cha Tae Hyun, Ryoo Seung Bum, Kim Sung Kyun, Lee Jung Ha, Go Yoon Jung, Kim Do Hoon
  • Director: Park In Je
  • Writer: Kang Full (Based on Kang Full’s webtoon of the same name)
  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery, Action
  • Episodes: 20
  • Streaming Platforms: Disney+ Hotstar, Hulu

Plot Overview: “Moving” delves into a world of secret agents and their gifted offspring. Parents who once served in covert units like NIS become determined to shield their children from both danger and the organizations that shaped them. As the unique powers of parents transfer to their kids, a battle unfolds against those seeking to dismantle South Korea’s secret forces and manipulate the youths. The narrative intricately follows love, fate, and the challenges faced by this extraordinary group. The show boasts Lee Jung Ha, Go Yoon Jung, and Kim Do Hoon as high schoolers, while Han Hyo Joo, Jo In Sung, Ryu Seung Ryong, and Kim Sung Kyun portray their parents. Cha Tae Hyun exhibits inherited skills, Ryoo Seung Bum embodies the antagonist.

Review of Episodes 7-10: Following the captivating chemistry of Go Yoon Jung and Lee Jung Ha’s characters, viewers are now enchanted by the endearing Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo. Their on-screen portrayal as parents Lee Mi Hyun and Kim Doo Shik witnesses a beautifully unfolding love story, intertwined amidst their espionage roles. Two skilled agents, united by destiny, find themselves smitten as emotions take precedence over superpowers. The narrative adeptly explores the parallels between father and son, Kim Doo Shik and Kim Bong Seok, both soaring with newfound affection.

“Check Out the Teaser for ‘Moving’

PC : Moving | Teaser Trailer | Disney+ Singapore

The series delves into Ryu Seung Ryong’s portrayal of Jang Juwon, who transitions from a gangster leveraging healing abilities to a story of personal redemption. Betrayed by comrades, he encounters Hwang Ji Hee, played by Kwak Sun Young, embracing a new chapter in his life. The intrigue of “The Monster” and his curative gifts entwine with ANSP (Agency for National Security Planning) interests, intersecting with Kim Doo Shik and Lee Mi Hyun.

“Moving” seamlessly juxtaposes eras, enveloping audiences in nostalgic 80s and 90s aesthetics while fluidly traversing the present. The meticulously cast ensemble resonates well with viewers, commendably fitting their roles. Further revelations await about Kim Sung Kyun’s Lee Jae Man and his son, Lee Kang Hoon, portrayed by Kim Do Hoon.

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