Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah’s ‘Destined With You’ Experiences Surge in Viewership Ratings; ‘The Killing Vote’ Holds Strong at No. 1

“In the competitive viewership ratings race for Wednesday-Thursday dramas, Lim Ji Yeon’s ‘The Killing Vote’ maintains its top position, while Rowoon’s ‘Destined With You’ demonstrates notable improvement.”

"Dramatic Viewer Ratings Surge and Top Rankings"
“Dramatic Viewer Ratings Surge and Top Rankings” (PC : SBS Drama)

In the highly competitive landscape of Wednesday-Thursday dramas, three shows are vying for viewership supremacy: ‘Destined With You,’ ‘The Killing Vote,’ and ‘Longing For You.’ SF9’s Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah headline ‘Destined With You,’ which experienced a slight dip in ratings until its fourth episode, which saw an upturn to 2.8 percent. Meanwhile, Lim Ji Yeon and Park Hae Jin’s thrilling series, ‘The Killing Vote,’ continues to dominate with a steady 4 percent viewership. Na In Woo’s suspenseful drama, ‘Longing For You,’ maintains an average rating of 3 percent, with only two episodes remaining.

SF9’s Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah’s ‘Destined With You’:

In the latest episode, Jang Shin Yu (Rowoon) discovers that he unwittingly consumed a love spell concocted by Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah), originally intended for Kwon Jae Gyeong (Ha Jun). As a result, he finds himself powerless to resist his feelings for Lee Hong Jo. Jang Shin Yu’s spell-induced antics, including cringe-worthy lines and romantic gestures, coupled with the shaman Eun Wol’s enigmatic advice, “Accept your fate, you can’t be separated from your destiny,” build anticipation for the unfolding narrative of their concealed past lives and the profound connection between two individuals ensnared in an inescapable destiny.

‘The Killing Vote’ Starring Lim Ji Yeon and Park Hae Jin:

In the latest episode, viewers were left in suspense by a shocking turn of events. Kwon Seok Joo (played by Park Sung Woong), a key figure with vital clues about a robbery, presented an offer to detectives Kim Moo Chan (played by Park Hae Jin) and Joo Hyeon (played by Lim Ji Yeon), who were hot on the trail of the heist. This led to the release of Kwon Seok Joo, previously incarcerated for murder.

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‘Longing For You’ Starring Na In Woo and Kim Ji Eun:

‘ENA’s ‘Longing For You’ is a suspenseful thriller featuring a detective (Na In Woo) relentlessly pursuing the truth behind a murder case, uncovering the family’s deeply buried secrets and greed. In the latest episode 11, tensions flare as Young Woon (Kwon Yul) and Young Joo (Kim Ji Eun) engage in a heated discussion after uncovering the shocking truth about the case. Young Woon implores Young Joo to withdraw from the case, cautioning, “It won’t end well for you.”

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