“Rupali Ganguly of Anupamaa Fame Shares Heartwarming Snaps from Son Rudransh’s Birthday Celebration”

“Anupamaa Star Rupali Ganguly Celebrates Son Rudransh’s Birthday with Nighttime Festivities”

"Rupali Ganguly of 'Anupamaa' fame shares heartfelt moments from son Rudransh's birthday bash
“Rupali Ganguly of ‘Anupamaa’ fame shares heartfelt moments from son Rudransh’s birthday bash


  • Rupali Ganguly, a renowned TV actress, shares heartwarming pictures from son Rudransh’s birthday party.
  • Ganguly’s role in “Anupamaa” earns her immense popularity; fans mob her at a recent event.
  • In interviews, she discusses balancing her demanding work hours with the guilt of not spending enough time with her son.

Rupali Ganguly, a prominent figure in the realm of television, has been captivating audiences with her exceptional performance in the ongoing hit drama “Anupamaa.” Renowned for her role, the actress recently found herself amidst enthusiastic fans at an event in Mehsana. With a substantial following on social media, Ganguly recently treated her audience to endearing snapshots from her son Rudransh’s birthday celebration.

Cherished Moments with Son on His Birthday The celebrated “Anupamaa” star, Rupali Ganguly, took to her Instagram stories to share delightful glimpses from Rudransh’s birthday festivities. Captioning the pictures, “That’s how we begin my baby Rudransh’s birthday bash.” The visuals capture Rudransh joyfully cutting a chocolate cake, surrounded by a jubilant family applauding his milestone. Additional photos feature him with distinct cakes, symbolizing an abundance of love. Ganguly and her family united for a group picture, accompanied by the caption “Thu Thu Thu,” a customary Indian practice to dispel negativity during joyful moments.

"Celebrating Rudransh's Birthday"
“Celebrating Rudransh’s Birthday”

Balancing Work and Motherhood In recent interviews, the accomplished 46-year-old actress spoke candidly about her son and the challenges of managing her busy schedule. Ganguly reflected on her seven-year sabbatical, a conscious choice prioritizing her son’s upbringing. The demands of her profession, however, occasionally lead to feelings of guilt for not spending ample time with him. Despite this, Ganguly’s pride in her husband’s support and her son’s strong bond with him shines through. The actress manages her demanding work hours, including travel, while staying connected with her son through daily video calls. The production team of “Anupamaa” has played a pivotal role in accommodating her responsibilities.

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