Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ Achieves Monumental First-Day Worldwide Box Office Collection of 125 Crores

Shah Rukh Khan’s latest offering, ‘Jawan,’ has shattered industry records by amassing an astonishing ₹128 crore on its opening day worldwide, eclipsing the ₹108 crore debut of ‘Pathaan’ and securing its place as the highest-ever opening day collection in Bollywood history.

Shah Rukh Khan's 'Jawan' Breaks Records
Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ Breaks Records

In an anticipated feat, Shah Rukh Khan’s latest film, ‘Jawan,’ embarked on its international journey with an extraordinary launch, amassing an estimated $4.50 million (approximately Rs. 37.50 crores) on its opening day.

These initial figures closely resemble the performance of ‘Pathaan’ in most markets, with minor variations. Depending on the final numbers from specific markets, ‘Jawan’ may either surpass or slightly fall short of ‘Pathaan.’

Notably, ‘Jawan’ achieved a remarkable milestone as no other Bollywood film has ever reached the $4 million mark in single-day collections. Remarkably, Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ now marks his second $4 million-plus opening, even with a mid-week release. The film’s Thursday debut sets the stage for the potential to exceed $20 million during its four-day weekend, driven by a positive initial audience reception, with Friday expected to witness a significant surge in collections.

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On the domestic front, ‘Jawan’ made a significant impact, with first-day estimates hovering around Rs. 90 crores. When combined with its international earnings, the film achieved a phenomenal Rs. 128 crore worldwide opening day, setting a new industry record, surpassing ‘Pathaan’s’ Rs. 108 crore.

Breaking down ‘Jawan’s’ first-day global earnings:

RegionOpening Day Collection
North AmericaUSD 1.40 million
Middle EastUSD 1.50 million (approx)
AustraliaUSD 260,000
New ZealandUSD 50,000
MalaysiaUSD 90,000 (approx)
SingaporeUSD 90,000
NepalUSD 100,000 (approx)
Rest of AsiaUSD 100,000
United KingdomUSD 350,000
GermanyUSD 170,000
Rest of EuropeUSD 250,000
Rest of WorldUSD 75,000
TotalUSD 4,450,000

‘Jawan’ has left an indelible mark across the globe, with its staggering international debut making headlines in the world of cinema.