Snoop Dogg Shocks Fans with Unexpected Revelation: ‘I Have a Fear of Horses

Renowned hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg has recently disclosed a previously unknown fear that has deterred him from close encounters with a specific member of the animal kingdom.

Snoop Dogg's Surprising Equinophobia Confession
Snoop Dogg’s Surprising Equinophobia Confession

In a surprising revelation, iconic rapper Snoop Dogg recently disclosed an undisclosed fear that has steered him clear of a specific member of the animal kingdom. According to People, during the latest episode of his YouTube news network series, Double G News, the artist, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., opened up about his equinophobia, or fear of horses, bluntly stating, “I’m just f—— scared of them.” Let’s delve into the details of this unexpected confession from the celebrated rap figure.

During the episode, Snoop Dogg, dressed in a casual bathrobe, welcomed guest Tiffany Haddish, attired in a pink tartan suit. In the course of their conversation, Haddish shared her childhood aspiration of raising horses on a farm. To this, Snoop Dogg responded unexpectedly, confessing, “I’m scared of horses.”

Haddish, taken aback by this revelation, inquired, “What? As big as you are?” This revelation left viewers puzzled, given Snoop Dogg’s renowned confident demeanor.

The rapper proceeded to shed light on his fear, stating, “To this day, too. I don’t know why I’m just f—— scared of them.” The genuine fear of horses was evident, even in the presence of the Night School star.

Continuing, he elaborated, “Are you serious?” questioned Haddish.

“So serious. You ain’t never seen me in a scene with a horse. I’ve been in a scene with ostriches, iguanas, all kinds of s—,” Snoop explained. “Ain’t never been in a scene with a horse, like, get that mother––––– away from me. I don’t know why!”

Snoop’s discomfort around horses starkly contrasts with his love for canines and other animals, underscoring the uniqueness of his equinophobia.

During the discussion, Tiffany Haddish made an intriguing conjecture. She mused, “Maybe in your past life you fell off a horse.” Snoop Dogg playfully responded to this, saying, “I think I may have been the Headless Horseman [in my past life],” alluding to the infamous folklore figure who rides around headless on horseback while terrorizing villagers.

Acknowledging his fear, Snoop Dogg may not comprehend its origins, but he does recognize the significance of horses to many individuals. Demonstrating openness to potential growth, he expressed to Haddish, “I understand what a horse means to people. Maybe one day somebody can introduce me to a baby horse. … A little jackass or something that I can learn how to be around.