Sushmita Sen’s Desire for Main Hoon Na Sequel Reunion with Shah Rukh Khan: ‘I Certainly Believe It Should Happen’

“Following the triumph of her web series ‘Taali’, Sushmita Sen is riding the wave of success. Amidst this, she has openly conveyed her eagerness to collaborate with Shah Rukh Khan once again, this time in the anticipated sequel, Main Hoon Na 2.”

"Sushmita Sen Envisions 'Main Hoon Na 2'"
“Sushmita Sen Envisions ‘Main Hoon Na 2′”

Bollywood’s accomplished actress Sushmita Sen has been captivating her fan base and audiences alike with a stellar performance in her latest digital endeavor, ‘Taali’. The series features Sen in the central role of a transgender character, drawing inspiration from the life of renowned transgender activist and social worker Shreegauri Sawant. Sen, a prominent figure in the realm of Bollywood, boasts an illustrious career highlighted by a series of blockbuster hits.

Among these, ‘Main Hoon Na’, a Farah Khan directorial, holds a special place. As nearly two decades have passed since its release, the former Miss Universe has expressed a fervent desire for a sequel to the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer.

Sen, speaking exclusively to India Today, enthusiastically endorsed the prospect of a sequel to ‘Main Hoon Na’, aptly named ‘Main Hoon Na 2’. “I genuinely believe that the time is ripe for ‘Main Hoon Na 2’. The idea of a sequel to that film should be pursued,” she exclaimed.

When queried about the possibility of spearheading a petition for the sequel, the actress playfully redirected the query to director Farah Khan and co-star Shah Rukh Khan. She quipped, “Efforts have been made. They approached Farah, then SRK, and eventually me. My stance is, ‘Go back to Farah, inquire with her!’ The prospect is undeniably enthralling.”

The quintessential Bollywood diva also unveiled her aspiration to stage a comeback on the silver screen, a moment keenly anticipated by her fans, with a resplendent and glamorous portrayal. Discussing her ‘second innings’ in the industry, Sen disclosed, “Within my career’s ‘second innings’, I’ve compiled a wishlist, which prominently features essaying the role of a quintessential glamorous woman. It’s been a considerable stretch since I’ve embarked on such a venture.”

Sharing an intriguing anecdote about her saree-clad appearance in ‘Main Hoon Na’, Sen revealed her initial reluctance, recounting how she expressed her reservations to Farah Khan regarding donning a saree throughout the film. “I take immense pride in ‘Main Hoon Na’. I used to candidly voice my hesitation to Farah about the saree-clad portrayal throughout the movie, which also marked my inaugural collaboration with SRK. I was adamant about avoiding a one-dimensional depiction.”

A Glimpse into ‘Main Hoon Na’

Directed by Farah Khan, ‘Main Hoon Na’ was spearheaded by Shah Rukh Khan, with Zayed Khan, Sushmita Sen, and Amrita Rao also essaying pivotal roles. Notably, this marked Sen’s first cinematic collaboration with SRK. Released in 2004, the film resonated with audiences and emerged as a resounding success at the box office.”

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