Taali Show Review: Sushmita Sen’s Gritty Performance Shines in a Drama-Filled and Heartfelt Series

“In the series ‘Taali,’ currently available on Jio Cinema, Sushmita Sen portrays the character of Shreegauri Sawant, a transgender activist.”

Sushmita Sen shines in “Taali” (Credit : Jio Cinema)


  • “Taali” narrates the journey of transgender activist Shreegauri Sawant.
  • The series captures grit and genuine emotions.
  • “Taali” is readily available for streaming on Jio Cinema.

In a recent cinematic creation titled “Taali,” directed by Rajiv Jadhav, the prowess of storytelling is evident as it weaves a captivating narrative that not only captivates but also sheds light on important societal issues. With a cast led by Sushmita Sen and Krutika Deo, the production boasts a 4/5 rating, solidifying its impact.

The movie’s plot intricately unfolds, with the storyline oscillating between past and present. The central character, Gauri (portrayed by Sushmita Sen), a transgender woman, shares her poignant life journey with a journalist on the cusp of the historic Supreme Court ruling recognizing the rights of the third gender. Through her recollections, the audience gains insight into Gauri’s arduous battles for self-identity and survival.

Gauri’s past as Ganesh (Krutika Deo) is introduced during his school years. His unconventional response to a career question baffles his peers – aspiring to become a mother and bear a child. As the story unfolds, it’s revealed that Ganesh’s preferences involve dressing up as a girl and embracing makeup. However, societal norms swiftly intrude when Ganesh’s father accidentally stumbles upon his son’s feminine self-expression. Ashamed of potential embarrassment, he compels Ganesh to suppress his inclinations.

A medical consultation follows, where a doctor queries Ganesh about his attractions, an inquiry Ganesh denies. Despite the suppression, Ganesh finds solace and kinship within the transgender community. Upon his father’s discovery, Ganesh is forced to leave home, finding refuge in Mumbai. Here, the film uncovers the grave adversities the transgender community faces, including discrimination in employment due to their sexual orientation. Gauri’s journey leads her to undergo a life-altering surgery, marking her transition, and propels her into activism to champion the rights of the marginalized transgender community.

“Taali” stands out for its compelling storytelling, potentially serving as an eye-opener for its viewers. The narrative is both intense and heartrending, providing a window into the life of transgender activist Shreegauri Sawant. The screenplay’s dynamic nature fuels the emotional journey, heightened by exemplary performances from the cast. The inclusion of transgender community members in various roles adds authenticity to the narrative, enhancing its impact. Additionally, the series’ succinct episode durations make it conducive to binge-watching.

Critiques for “Taali” are sparse, with its binge-worthy quality being its strongest point.

The performances in “Taali” shine brightly. Sushmita Sen’s portrayal of Gauri is masterful, embodying the character’s depth and complexity. This performance could arguably be Sen’s career-best, a significant acknowledgment for an actor renowned for delivering memorable roles. Krutika Deo’s depiction of Ganesh is equally impressive and convincing, seamlessly portraying the character’s internal struggles.

Nandu Yadav’s portrayal of Ganesh’s father stands out, delivering a commendable performance.

Every actor in the film approaches their role with sincerity and diligence, effectively enhancing the narrative’s authenticity.

In conclusion, “Taali” is a must-watch series, not only for its artistic merits but also for its unflinching depiction of gritty realities. The chronicle of Shreegauri Sawant deserves widespread exposure, making “Taali” a significant addition to the streaming landscape, currently available on Jio Cinema.