Vietnamese Fans Offer Mixed Responses to NewJeans’ Hanni Amid Alleged Family Background Controversy

“Amid Alleged Controversial Family Background, NewJeans’ Hanni Faces Criticism from Vietnamese Citizens; Uncertainty Surrounds Group’s Prospects for Performances in the Country”

"Hanni's Alleged Family Background: Controversy Unveiled"(PC : Youtube)
“Hanni’s Alleged Family Background: Controversy Unveiled”(PC : Youtube)


  1. Mixed Reception for Hanni: NewJeans’ member Hanni encounters varied reactions concerning her alleged family background.
  2. Performance Uncertainty: Fans are left speculating about NewJeans’ prospects for performing in Vietnam amid the controversy.

Amidst a fervent fan base and widespread acclaim, NewJeans’ Hanni, an Australian-Vietnamese member, finds herself entangled in mixed reactions from sections of Vietnam’s populace due to her family’s alleged political ties. The group, known for their musical prowess, has encountered controversy arising from posts shared by a prominent Vietnamese K-pop fan community. These posts purportedly present evidence of her family’s affiliation with South Vietnam, a historical backdrop of significance.

(PC : NewJean’s Instagram)

Hanni’s lineage traces back to Melbourne, Australia, where she was born in 2004 to Vietnamese parents and grandparents. The contentious posts spotlight symbols and elements, alleging support for the erstwhile South Vietnam, a state backed by the United States during the Vietnam War’s aftermath. The resurgence of these speculations, fueled by the contemporary dominance of the Communist Party in Vietnam, has fueled substantial criticism and backlash against Hanni.

These allegations have raised concerns over NewJeans‘ prospects of performing in Vietnam. Observers note that the controversy might impede the group’s chances of obtaining performance permits or hosting concerts in the country. While NewJeans, including Hanni, hold significant popularity, the mounting criticism has swayed some fans’ support. Hanni’s possible non-alignment with political stances is discussed, with fans expressing empathy towards her. Despite the turmoil, NewJeans remains celebrated, as their 2022 releases achieved chart-topping success on platforms like Spotify and iTunes in Vietnam.

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