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What is HTML and what does it stand for?

HTML is a Basic mark-up language. Html stands for Hypertext mark-up language.

 Hypertext” is nothing but the hyperlinks that your HTML page contains. Hypertext generally consists of graphics like structure images, videos, sound, etc.

 “Mark-up” is a collection of symbols or a code that are generally used in a file-like structure of the language which will be displayed on a web browser as an output. Mark-up helps the web browser to print the images, table, form, or any other content which you have written in your HTML document.

How does it work?

HTML is all about the use of different tags that are written into a text file. The text is then saved as an HTML file with .html or .htm extension and you can see the output of your HTML code on different browsers like internet explorer, google chrome, edge, etc.

 In this process, your browser can understand the code which you have written into the HTML file with the help of mark-up and then convert your code into the visible format and display the output on the webpage as worldwide.

Advantage and Disadvantage of HTML

Advantages of HTML-

1) HTML is a basic mark-up language that is very easy to understand easy to use. If you want to learn HTML you can learn it from anywhere it is absolutely free of cost. HTML is a very important and interesting language for beginners.

2) HTML is Supported by all the advanced languages like CSS JavaScript and also supported by all browsers like internet explorer, google chrome, edge, etc.

3) HTML is having very Short line code only tags we use in HTML so that it is very simple to edit your document and hence it is easy to find error throughout the code.

5) User can see the changes in the output very quickly because it is very lightweight hence the output can easily load in the browser.

6) HTML is user-friendly, if a user is connected to the internet then he can load their HTML website on any browser.

7) HTML does not require any platform. Html supports any platform like HTML can support on windows as well as Linux or another operating system.

8) In HTML you can write your code in notepad or notepad++. You don’t need to buy extra software for executing your HTML code. If you use notepad++ while creating your HTML document then it is very easy for you to understand what exactly you are doing for example which tags you are using, which elements you are using what attributes you are giving for your HTML documents.

Disadvantages of HTML-

1) HTML is less secure means the security features in the HTML are less secure than the other scripting languages.

2) If you want to write long code in HTML then it will be very complicated in HTML. Html will not support long code become complicated.

3) HTML is having certain limitations like HTML consist of fixed tags so that if you wish to add more to it then we need to write long and similar core multiple times so that your code will be lengthy and complicated.

What is its use?

HTML is used for designing web pages or web sites by using HTML you can insert an image on your webpage, you can write a paragraph, you can give a heading to your paragraph, make the form, create a login page, insert a table or you can give different style for your text, you can change the color of your text, you can provide a link on your webpage so that you can navigate from one webpage to another which is to be displayed on the web browser and this web pages can see anyone who is connected with internet. HTML Describes the structure of a web page what how your web page looks like. HTML is all about the use of different tags that are written into a text file.

Why is HTML needed and Why is it important to learn HTML?

HTML is a base of web development if you are thinking of becoming a web developer or web designer HTML is having a big role in such fields not in web development but all the sector like Information technology, finance, marketing, etc.

 Html is a core language, if you learn HTML then it will be easy for you to learn other scripting or programming languages.

 In corporate life, HTML is having good scope. In corporate sector, if you want to design a creative E-mail for your client you can create it by using HTML. Similarly, we can use HTML code to create a newspaper template also. There are many more exciting Creative ideas you can explore after learning HTML.

What is the importance of “HTML” in a Website?

HTML (hypertext mark-up language) is a basic scripting language for designing websites. If you want to create a simple and attractive website and you don’t want to use CSS or any other scripting language over there then HTML is having a big role to create a website.

 By using HTML, you can insert attractive images in your website or if you want to give different font styles, write paragraphs, and give heading in your document for such.

What is the main purpose of using HTML?

The main purpose of the HTML is to give some standard set of instructions to your web browser that what will be your code will be displayed on your web browser in the form of a webpage or website HTML Describes the structure of a web page that how your web page looks like.