Table of Contents What is the definition of CSS? CSS is a cascading style sheet. In CSS, cascading means the style provided to the parent element is also applied to the element called as child element within the parent element. CSS is used for formatting the layout of your webpage. By using CSS, you can …

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HTML Colors

Table of Contents What is HTML color? HTML color is used for providing different colors to your website and may provide background color, text color, border color, and many more. HTML color consists of predefined color values and names. HTML language supports a total of 140 color codes which is having separate values for identification. …

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HTML Comments

Table of Contents What is HTML Comment? A comment is a part of code that is generally not printed as output over the browser. A comment is not an important section in your coding if you write a comment into your code it is easy to understand your code to others. When your code is …

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HTML Quotations

Table of Contents What do you mean by HTML Quotation? HTML Quotation is used for inserting some quotation text into your webpage. Quotation text is different than your normal text because text consists of the quoted elements which makes the text different than your normal text in your webpage. Example- Quotation tag (Learn with …

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HTML Formatting

Table of Contents What is HTML formatting? HTML formatting provides the ability to edit and format your text document with the help of formatting tags without using CSS (cascading style sheet). HTML formatting is used for making your text bold, italic, superscript, and subscript, and many more within the paragraph tag or heading tag respectively. …

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HTML Styles

Table of Contents What is HTML Style? In your HTML document style attribute is used to provide extra features or characteristics like providing different font sizes, font colors, background colors, and many more features to the HTML element to your web page so that the content which you mention in your HTML Document will look …

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HTML Paragraphs

Table of Contents What is HTML Paragraph? HTML < p > tag is use for representing paragraph. If you want to write a paragraph in your HTML document then a paragraph tag is used. Syntax- < p >Write your paragraph here. </ p >  Example- Paragraph tag (Learn with Passion) (Learn with Passion). …

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HTML Headings

Table of Contents What is HTML Heading? The HTML heading tag is used for providing different headings to the HTML document. Headings consists of h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 total 6 headings. HTML heading is used for highlighting headings or subheadings in your HTML document. When you write a heading in between < h1 …

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HTML Attributes

Table of Contents What is the definition of HTML attribute? HTML attributes are a concept of providing extra Features to the HTML elements. In an HTML document, All the HTML elements may have attributes. Attributes are additional information or characteristics provided to the HTML elements like providing width and height in an image tag, providing …

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HTML Elements

Table of Contents What is the HTML Element Definition? HTML Element is defined as the content which is useful or written in between the Start tag and End tag. It is a concept of providing special text, standard content, special attributes within the start tag, and end tag. The content may be used for formatting …

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