HTML Basic Examples

Table of Contents What are the basic HTML codes? The term HTML code defines the standard content or information which is to be written into the Text editor. Every code was written by some standard set of rules which are predefine under the standard libraries. HTML Code is nothing but the secret or encoded content …

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HTML Editors

Table of Contents What is the best HTML editor for beginners? HTML editors are generally used for creating and modifying your HTML code. If a user wants to write HTML code and wish to compile the same, then the HTML editor is used.  If you are a beginner then you can simply type your HTML …

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HTML Introduction

Table of Contents What is HTML and what does it stand for? HTML is a Basic mark-up language. Html stands for Hypertext mark-up language.  “Hypertext” is nothing but the hyperlinks that your HTML page contains. Hypertext generally consists of graphics like structure images, videos, sound, etc.  “Mark-up” is a collection of symbols or a code …

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