Apple Set to Compensate iPhone 6, 7, and iPhone SE Series Users Rs 5000 Each Over Device Slowdown Allegations

Apple has taken steps to provide compensation to users of iPhone 6, 7, and iPhone SE models who encountered device slowdowns. Each individual affected could stand to be reimbursed approximately $65. However, it’s crucial to note that those who failed to register their complaints before October 6, 2020, will no longer qualify for compensation.

Apple Offers ₹5000 Compensation to iPhone 6, 7, and SE Users
Apple Offers ₹5000 Compensation to iPhone 6, 7, and SE Users

Summary :

  • In a settlement to a class-action lawsuit, Apple has agreed to provide compensation to users of iPhone 6, 7, and SE series who experienced deliberate performance slowdowns.
  • Each affected individual stands to potentially receive about $65 (roughly Rs 5000). To qualify for compensation, users were required to register their claims, along with their device’s serial number, on a dedicated website by October 6, 2020.

In a development signaling resolution, Apple has initiated the disbursement of compensation to a subset of iPhone users who had raised concerns over the intentional throttling of their devices’ performance. The narrative, spanning half a decade, saw iPhone aficionados embroiled in a confrontation with tech behemoth Apple, as they alleged that specific models, including the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone SE, were subjected to deliberate performance deceleration.

A flurry of allegations ensued, with the Cupertino-based conglomerate maintaining its stance. Acknowledging the slowdowns, Apple asserted their actions were motivated by a desire to prevent abrupt device shutdowns, rather than any malevolent intent.

However, a significant turn of events emerged in 2020, when Apple opted for conciliation, opting to allocate a substantial sum of up to $500 million to forestall a potentially protracted and expensive legal imbroglio, as per a Reuters report.

In accordance with insights from Silicon Valley insiders, recent developments have paved the way for Apple to commence restitution for dissatisfied iPhone users who had been grappling with the repercussions of intentional performance curtailment.

Tyson Redenbarger, a legal advocate championing the cause of these affected users, speculates that each individual could potentially receive approximately $65, an equivalent of roughly Rs 5000 in Indian currency. This semblance of resolution seems poised to draw the curtains on the prolonged ordeal, as elucidated on

In 2016, Apple acknowledged their deliberate policy of throttling older iPhone models, attributing it to a strategy aimed at averting sudden device shutdowns, as reported by The Verge. Apple’s articulation mirrored that of a seasoned orator, elucidating the rationale behind their actions.

Nevertheless, not all iPhone owners were swayed by this rationale. A coalition of aggrieved users rallied together and instigated a class-action lawsuit against the formidable tech titan in 2018. The litany of impacted models reads like a digital roll call:

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus

Within the legal domain, a contentious debate ensued with Apple initially maintaining their innocence. However, a shift in stance materialized in 2020, with Apple indicating their intent to ameliorate the situation. The corporation agreed to allocate a sum ranging from $310 million to $500 million for restitution.

Initially, complainants were poised to receive a modest sum of $25 each. Yet, two tenacious iPhone owners sought more substantial compensation and rebuffed the initial offer. This week, their pursuit for higher restitution was denied, thus paving the way for Apple to initiate disbursement to the disheartened iPhone users.

Eligibility for Compensation:

Individuals in possession of an iPhone 6, 7, or the initial SE model may harbor inquiries regarding their eligibility for compensation. Regrettably, those who failed to initiate the claim process prior to October 6, 2020, are precluded from availing themselves of this opportunity.

The window for compensation claims has conclusively closed for those who missed this stipulated deadline. In essence, registration necessitated the submission of the device’s serial number via a dedicated website established by the company to catalog grievances pertaining to compromised iPhone performance.

Three years ago, a specialized online portal was established to facilitate compensation claims, requiring users to input their iPhone’s serial number to verify ownership.

Disbursement could be elected via direct bank deposit or issuance of a check dispatched through conventional mail. This exemplifies the evolving landscape of remuneration, embracing novel avenues such as internet-based platforms.

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