Delhi G20 Summit 2023: Key Guests and Everything You Should Know

“Delhi G20 Summit 2023: Global Leaders Convene for Two-Day Event; Traffic Restrictions and Preparations Underway”

"Delhi G20 Summit 2023: Key Details"
“Delhi G20 Summit 2023: Key Details”

Scheduled for September 9-10, the Delhi G20 Summit 2023 is set to convene at Delhi’s Bharat Mandapam in Pragati Maidan. Heads of state, prominent delegates from G20 nations, and invitees are expected to attend this international gathering. Dignitaries include US President Joe Biden, UK PM Rishi Sunak, Japanese PM Fumio Kishida, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Delhi G20 Summit 2023 Delhi is gearing up to host world leaders for two days of discussions, collaborations, and deliberations at the G20 Summit. The city is making preparations, including government office and school closures, heightened security measures, and traffic restrictions, to ensure the event’s success. The Summit aims to foster international relations, address global policies, and tackle pressing issues.

As the world prepares for this significant event taking place in the nation’s capital, it’s crucial for both locals and visitors to understand its impact on daily life. The Delhi Traffic Police has issued a comprehensive advisory to ensure a smooth and successful Summit experience.

Here’s what you need to know: Delhi G20 2023 Summit Overview

  • Dates and Venue: The G20 Summit spans two days, commencing on September 9 at Bharat Mandapam in Delhi’s Pragati Maidan.
  • Distinguished Attendees: Leaders, government representatives, and delegates from G20 member countries and invitees will converge in Delhi for the Summit.

Delhi G20 2023 Summit Preparations and Impact

  • Government Office and Educational Closures: To facilitate event arrangements, all government offices and educational institutions in Delhi will remain closed during the Summit.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: The city has implemented heightened security measures to ensure participant and resident safety throughout the Summit.
  • Traffic Restrictions: Major traffic restrictions have been imposed to manage traffic flow and bolster event security.

Delhi G20 2023 Summit Guests

  • US President Joe Biden: Representing a significant global economy, President Biden is set to participate in the G20 Summit.
  • UK PM Rishi Sunak: UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is among the distinguished leaders expected at the Summit.
  • Canadian PM Justin Trudeau: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will also be in attendance.
  • Japanese PM Fumio Kishida: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s presence adds importance to the Summit’s discussions.
  • Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud: King Salman’s participation underscores the Summit’s international significance.

Summit G20 2023 Traffic Restrictions and Accessibility

  • Restricted Zones: The New Delhi area, where the Summit will be held, will be inaccessible from the night of September 7. This includes the New Delhi District, which will have restricted entry and exit.
  • Closure of Establishments: On September 8, all establishments such as offices, restaurants, malls, and markets in New Delhi will be closed. The Supreme Court will also remain closed.
  • Entry for Residents: Residents in the area will have entry and exit access, but those coming from outside will require special passes.

Delhi 2023 Summit G20 Vehicle Regulations

  • Diversions for Non-Destined Vehicles: Non-destined vehicles will be redirected towards Eastern and Western Peripheral Expressways and alternate routes, with no entry allowed into Delhi.
  • Goods Vehicles: Except for those carrying essential items like milk, vegetables, fruits, and medical supplies, heavy and light goods vehicles won’t enter Delhi.
  • Metro and Bus Services: Metro and bus services will operate during the Summit with some restrictions.
  • Emergency Services: Medical emergency vehicles will have uninterrupted access, and a dedicated ambulance assistance control room will be operational.

Transport Options In Delhi Summit G20

  • Autorickshaws and Taxis: Three-seater rickshaws and taxis will be allowed outside the New Delhi District. Taxis carrying tourists with valid hotel bookings can enter the district. Essential service providers, authorized vehicles, and residents must carry identification.
  • Buses: Buses within Delhi will operate on designated routes, and those present in the city can exit as needed.”