iPhone 15 Series Battery Capacities Unveiled; Pre-orders Suggest Potential Delay for iPhone 15 Pro Max Deliveries

Apple, known for its secrecy regarding iPhone battery specs, faced an unexpected revelation when a Chinese regulatory database disclosed details about the power sources within the iPhone 15 series. Notably, the data highlights that the iPhone 15 Pro Max boasts the largest battery, while the iPhone 15 Pro surprisingly sports the smallest.

iPhone 15 Pro: High Demand
iPhone 15 Pro: High Demand

Apple, renowned for keeping iPhone battery details under wraps, faced an unexpected leak from a Chinese regulatory database, unveiling battery specifications for the iPhone 15 series. Notably, the data highlighted the iPhone 15 Pro Max possessing the largest battery, while the iPhone 15 Pro surprisingly had the smallest.

In the midst of the iPhone 15 pre-order frenzy, demand surged, causing initial delivery estimates to extend well into November, as reported by Bloomberg. The iPhone 15 Pro Max, priced starting at Rs 1,59,900 in India, witnessed delivery dates slipping to mid-November in the US, with up to an eight-week delay for select Pro Max models in India. This delay trend may persist with the influx of more pre-orders.

The revealed data showcased battery capacities for the newly launched iPhones. The iPhone 15 featured a 3,349mAh battery, while the iPhone 15 Plus offered a 4,383mAh unit. The iPhone 15 Pro housed a 3,274mAh battery, whereas the iPhone 15 Pro Max boasted a 4,422mAh battery. Comparatively, the iPhone 14 had a 3,279mAh battery, with the iPhone 14 Plus sporting a 4,325mAh unit. The iPhone 14 Pro packed a 3,200mAh battery, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max had a 4,323mAh battery. The database details were obtained by MySmartPrice.

While Apple emphasized the iPhone 15’s battery life, it did not elaborate on whether users would notice significant improvements compared to the previous version. Despite incremental battery capacity increases, real-world usage enhancements might be subtle.

As customers anticipate their new devices, prolonged delivery times suggest a strong preference for the higher-end, more expensive models. With the iPhone 15 series set to reach consumers, Apple’s latest offerings have already stirred significant excitement in the smartphone market. Additionally, here are the prices of the latest iPhones in India:

  • iPhone 15 (128GB): Rs 79,900
  • iPhone 15 (256GB): Rs 89,900
  • iPhone 15 (512GB): Rs 1,09,900
  • iPhone 15 Plus (128GB): Rs 89,900
  • iPhone 15 Plus (256GB): Rs 99,900
  • iPhone 15 Plus (512GB): Rs 1,19,900
  • iPhone 15 Pro (128GB): Rs 1,34,900
  • iPhone 15 Pro (256GB): Rs 1,44,900
  • iPhone 15 Pro (512GB): Rs 1,64,900
  • iPhone 15 Pro (1TB): Rs 1,84,900.