Pokémon GO Introduces Hindi Language Support, Reveals Hindi Names for Fan-Favorite Pokémon

Niantic Reveals Plan to Rename Over 800 Beloved Pokémon in Hindi, Aiming to Boost User Engagement in India

Pokémon GO Goes Hindi!
Pokémon GO Goes Hindi!

The Pokémon Company, in collaboration with Niantic, has unveiled the Hindi version of the highly popular mobile gaming app, Pokémon GO, coinciding with Hindi Divas in India. As part of this launch, the company has also revealed plans to rename over 800 beloved Pokémon in Hindi.

Omar Tellez, VP for Emerging Markets at Niantic, affirmed that Hindi is the initial language being incorporated into the game, with more languages in the pipeline. Niantic aims to enhance user engagement by expanding its team in India and fostering community involvement through events.

Additionally, Niantic intends to invest substantially in India, forming partnerships to boost user participation in community events, especially during festivals. The company is focused on leveraging its Lightship Platform to empower developers, with nearly 100 games and developers currently utilizing the platform.

Tellez noted the surprising uptake of AR/VR technology in the country, propelled by advancements in GPS, 5G accessibility, and accelerated computing. Addressing data security concerns, Tellez affirmed Niantic’s commitment to complying with local laws to safeguard user privacy and data.

According to Tellez, the Hindi version of Pokémon GO is envisioned to foster inclusivity, encourage engagement, and invite more players to embark on their Pokémon GO adventures.