Reliance Jio Unveils New Prepaid Plan With Inclusive Netflix Subscription

Dual Netflix Access Now Accessible via Jio’s Pair of Prepaid Plans: Choice Between Mobile and Basic Subscriptions Available

 "Reliance Jio introduces groundbreaking prepaid plans with integrated Netflix subscriptions
“Reliance Jio introduces groundbreaking prepaid plans with integrated Netflix subscriptions

Here’s a Summary of Reliance Jio’s Latest Offering:

  • Introduction of 2 new prepaid plans featuring Netflix subscription
  • Both plans come with a 84-day validity period
  • Notably, these plans do not include the premium/high-end Netflix subscription

Reliance Jio has introduced an innovative prepaid plan featuring an included Netflix subscription, marking the first instance of such an offering in the prepaid sector.

Key Details:

  1. Two Subscription-Embedded Plans: Jio is presenting two distinct plans that grant subscribers access to Netflix services.
  2. Rs 1,099 Plan: This plan boasts an 84-day validity. It incorporates the Netflix Mobile plan (worth Rs 149/month), along with Jio’s Welcome Offer for Unlimited 5G data, 2GB/day data allocation, and limitless voice calls.
  3. Rs 1,499 Plan: Similar to the former, this 84-day prepaid plan includes the Basic Netflix plan (valued at Rs 199/month). Furthermore, users enjoy Unlimited 5G data via Jio’s Welcome Offer, a 3GB/day data quota, and unrestricted voice calls.
  4. Statements from Key Figures: Kiran Thomas, CEO of Jio Platforms Limited, emphasized the commitment to enhancing user experiences through partnerships, particularly evident in the bundling of Netflix with prepaid packages. Tony Zameczkowski, Vice President of APAC Partnerships for Netflix, expressed enthusiasm for expanding the collaboration with Jio. He highlighted the popularity of locally produced content in India and the broader global appeal of their content collection.

The move underscores Jio’s dedication to delivering world-class amenities to its clientele. The combined efforts with international partners like Netflix underscore the creation of innovative paradigms for others to emulate.

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