Samsung Galaxy M14 5G Witnesses Significant Price Reduction, Now Obtainable at Just Rs 12,490

Samsung Galaxy M14 5G Witnesses Noteworthy Price Drop on Official Store, Now Available at Effective Rate of Rs 12,490

Samsung Galaxy M14 5G now offered at an effective price of Rs 12,490.
Samsung Galaxy M14 5G now offered at an effective price of Rs 12,490.


  • The Samsung Galaxy M14 5G’s price drop and resultant affordability serve as a strong enticement for prospective buyers.
  • The device’s potent camera system, resilient battery life, satisfactory performance, and immersive display collectively contribute to its appeal within the sub-Rs 15,000 segment.
  • However, the absence of an included charging adapter necessitates prudent consideration, particularly for users who prioritize swift charging capabilities.

Samsung enthusiasts are in for a treat as the tech giant’s official online store in India slashes the price of the recently launched Samsung Galaxy M14 5G. Initially introduced with a price tag of Rs 14,990, the smartphone can now be acquired at a highly competitive rate of just Rs 12,490 through Samsung India’s official online retail platform. This significant reduction places the 5G device among the most appealing options in the sub-Rs 15,000 category. However, as discerning consumers evaluate this enticing offer, let’s delve into the factors that make the Samsung Galaxy M14 5G a compelling buy and identify a single factor that might warrant caution.

4 Key Reasons to Embrace the Samsung Galaxy M14 5G:

Impressive Camera Performance: The Samsung Galaxy M14 5G boasts a camera setup that defies its price point. Internal assessments conducted by India Today Tech reveal that the device is capable of capturing stunning shots, often surpassing the capabilities of phones in the Rs 20,000 range.

The camera’s prowess lies in its remarkable attention to detail, sharpness, and vibrant colors. It excels not only in well-lit conditions but also delivers impressive results in challenging low-light environments. Its ability to maintain dynamic range and focus on subjects sets it apart from other contenders, ensuring picturesque results across various scenarios.

Extended Battery Life: A standout feature of the Samsung Galaxy M14 5G is its robust battery performance. Rigorous testing by India Today Tech indicates that the phone can endure up to two days of moderate usage, courtesy of its capacious 6,000mAh battery. This longevity ensures uninterrupted usage and reduced reliance on frequent charging, enhancing the device’s overall usability.

Satisfactory Performance: While it falls within the budget category, the Samsung Galaxy M14 5G exhibits commendable performance within its price range. Users can expect reliable performance during everyday tasks and even engage in casual gaming experiences. Tests involving games such as Candy Crush and Asphalt 9, with graphics settings dialed down, showcased the device’s ability to deliver smooth gameplay. Additionally, the presence of a side-mounted fingerprint sensor ensures swift and secure access to the device.

Vibrant Display: The 6.6-inch LCD panel with Full HD+ resolution on the Samsung Galaxy M14 5G provides an immersive visual experience. Despite its LCD nature, the display retains vibrancy and clarity, making it suitable for consuming various forms of content. Its warm-toned output and commendable display quality further enhance the device’s appeal.

Factor to Exercise Caution:

Absence of Included Charger: One notable caveat in the Samsung Galaxy M14 5G package is the absence of an included charger. This departure from convention, witnessed even in budget-friendly models, requires potential buyers to separately acquire a charger. While many individuals may possess spare chargers from previous devices, it’s essential to acknowledge that using a non-fast charger could result in slower charging speeds. With a standard 10W adapter, expect approximately two hours of charging time to fully rejuvenate the phone.

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