WhatsApp Set to Introduce Feature Enabling Users to Generate AI-Powered Stickers

According to reports, WhatsApp is in the process of testing an upcoming AI feature that would allow users to generate personalized stickers through text-based commands, resembling approaches seen in models like OpenAI’s DALL-E.

"WhatsApp's Testing of AI-Powered Sticker Creation: Users could soon craft customized stickers through text commands, drawing inspiration from OpenAI's DALL-E model."
“WhatsApp’s Testing of AI-Powered Sticker Creation: Users could soon craft customized stickers through text commands, drawing inspiration from OpenAI’s DALL-E model.”

Summary :

  • In a bid to enhance its repertoire of AI-powered functionalities, WhatsApp is presently in the testing phase of a novel feature. This innovative addition enables users to forge personalized stickers using text-based directives.
  • The latest beta iteration of WhatsApp for Android accommodates this feature, albeit its accessibility is currently limited to a select user group.
  • The mechanics are fairly straightforward: users furnish a textual description, upon which WhatsApp’s AI engine generates an assortment of stickers that correspond to the provided input.
  • This assortment can then be selected and shared across chats. It’s noteworthy that WhatsApp is also diligently incorporating precautionary measures to avert any potential misuse of these generated stickers.

The tech landscape has been abuzz with the phenomenon of AI, a fervor ignited by the noteworthy entrance of ChatGPT into our collective consciousness in the latter part of the preceding year. This cutting-edge technology, renowned for its diverse capabilities encompassing storytelling, music composition, humor creation, code debugging, and even the generation of lifelike images and amusing memes, has emerged as a valuable augmentation to social media platforms and messaging apps.

Snapchat and other similar platforms have already integrated AI-driven features, and now WhatsApp is purportedly set to follow suit by introducing personalized AI-generated stickers to its repertoire.

A recent report from WABetaInfo sheds light on WhatsApp’s new endeavor, disclosing the testing of an AI-powered feature. This novel capability empowers users to curate customized stickers employing text-based commands.

Although reportedly available in the most recent beta iteration of WhatsApp for Android (v, the feature’s accessibility appears to be currently restricted to a select user subset. No definitive timeline has been provided regarding its eventual rollout to the broader beta user community.

The process to craft an AI-generated sticker is anticipated to be user-friendly. Users will be prompted to select a ‘Create’ button situated within the sticker tab, followed by entering a descriptive input. As per the report, WhatsApp’s AI mechanism will subsequently generate an array of stickers grounded in the provided textual input. Users can then choose one from this assortment for sharing within their conversations.

While the specific generative AI model being utilized by Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, remains undisclosed, users are poised to experience a process akin to the workings of Midjoureny or DALL-E, which generate images based on textual cues.

The report underscores WhatsApp’s commitment to user safety, highlighting an option to flag inappropriate stickers. This safeguard aligns with Meta’s apparent intention to mitigate any misuse of the stickers by malevolent entities.

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